Zing Health Deploys HealthMine’s Digital Engagement Solution to Drive Smart Member Health Actions and Close Gaps in Care

CHICAGO, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zing Health, a fast-growing, physician-led Medicare Advantage provider, will now be able to engage and…

CHICAGO, June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zing Health, a fast-growing, physician-led Medicare Advantage provider, will now be able to engage and activate its members in real time through its new partnership with HealthMine, a technology-enabled, digital member engagement and rewards company focused on empowering members to take the right actions to improve their health.

«We want our members to be actively involved in their health care.»

Zing Health members will have immediate access to an intelligent app called Zing Health & Wellness, powered by HealthMine’s Automatic Health engine. The mobile app and online portal harness an array of data from the member’s care plan, medical and pharmacy claims, biometric and lab screening results, in-home health evaluations, electronic medical record (EMR), and health information exchange (HIE) data to create a comprehensive picture of each member’s health.

By synthesizing that data, the app provides members with customized messages and resources to manage and enhance their health. Additionally, HealthMine will transform Zing Health’s Health Risk Assessment to digital, creating a quick and convenient member experience while collecting self-reported information and integrating that into a longitudinal health record for each member.

«We want our members to be actively involved in their health care,» said Zing Health CEO & Founder Dr. Eric E. Whitaker. «By adding Zing Health & Wellness to the services we offer our members, we are helping them better understand their individual health risks so that they can take advantage of preventive care and manage chronic conditions to prevent complications and hospitalizations.»

Personal Alerts Help Address Social Determinants of Health

The Zing Health & Wellness app provides members with easy-to-understand health information and delivers a series of healthy activities personalized to each member’s health needs and goals—all ways to help them maintain or improve their health and wellness. HealthMine also offers members unlimited access to a robust library of U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended health education content curated to their individual health status.

Members can access Zing Health & Wellness either on their mobile devices or with a desktop or laptop computer, where they will receive direct and immediate notifications and in-app messages to nudge them towards the right actions to take for their health. Members who prefer traditional communication vehicles can receive information via email, text, print/direct mail, or phone. By following each member’s communications preferences, the app encourages them to take the necessary steps or directs them to critical community resources to close the gaps in their care.

«This service aligns with Zing Health’s care model – making it easy for members to access the healthcare services they need,» said Dr. Whitaker. «Some members live in underserved areas and find it hard to get exercise or afford healthy food. These little nudges will help them address the social determinants of health found outside of a doctor’s office.»

A unique aspect to HealthMine is that the service will help Zing Health consider members’ financial status, literacy, and specific cultural norms, ensuring that no member is left behind. The app, communications, and information can be provided in Spanish and other languages in addition to English to address cultural and language barriers.

«We can offer wonderful plans and services but if our members are not using them, they are not receiving the most benefit,» Dr. Whitaker added. «HealthMine will help us engage our members to make the most use of their benefits.»

Expanding Medicare Advantage Benefits

By adding HealthMine to its stable of like-minded benefit partners, Zing Health continues to expand the range of benefits it provides beyond original Medicare. Its individualized Medicare Advantage plans eliminate deductibles, lower out of pocket medical costs, and charge no additional monthly premium, reducing health care expenses and eliminating financial surprises.

«HealthMine is thrilled to partner with Zing Health, a healthcare provider prioritizing the unique needs and access to services for each member,» said Bryce Williams, President and CEO of HealthMine. «Zing Health is committed to bringing its members a personalized, modern engagement experience, driving members to not only take action but to take the most critical actions to close gaps in care and live healthier lives.»

Zing Health anticipates that the HealthMine solution will have a powerful impact on health plan financial and quality performance. Personalized outreach and content will engage members in their healthcare decisions, heading off costly emergency care in the future.

About Zing Health: Founded in 2019, Zing Health Holdings Inc. is a groundbreaking tech-enabled insurance company making Medicare Advantage the best it can be for those 65 and over or with long-term disability. Zing Health’s community-based approach addresses social determinants of health to keep individuals and communities healthy and returns the physician and the member to the center of the healthcare equation. This gives each member personalized care and service tailored to their singular needs.  Members also receive individualized assistance to make their transition to Zing Health as easy as possible, and have the ability to personalize their plans, access to facilities designed to help them better meet their healthcare needs, and a dedicated care team. For more information on Zing Health, visit myzinghealth.com

About HealthMine: HealthMine is a quality improvement solution focused on empowering people to take the right actions related to their health. We build personalized, ongoing member engagement strategies for health plans in all lines of business that drive health actions through customized incentives and rewards and enhance member experience. Unlike other solutions, HealthMine clients have transparency into real-time, actionable insights on the success of member engagement and satisfaction initiatives, as well as the ability to identify priority areas of opportunity to improve quality measures and Star Ratings. Connect with HealthMine on LinkedIn.

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