Founder of CentOS and Rocky Linux – Gregory Kurtzer – Disrupts Legacy Software and Support Business Model with Worldwide CIQ Debut

ALBANY, Calif., Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CIQ (, principal founding partner for Rocky Linux and the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation,…

ALBANY, Calif., Sept. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CIQ (, principal founding partner for Rocky Linux and the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation, is now officially offering support services and value adds for Rocky Linux users. Started by legendary CentOS and Rocky Linux founder, Gregory Kurtzer, CIQ is intended as a one-stop resource, delivering enterprise support and services for businesses and organizations at every level. From creation, integration, complex network questions, and onboarding issues, CIQ features the core experts of Rocky Linux to help a wide variety of clients from SMBs, universities, tech giants, laboratories, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, supercomputing, and government organizations.

«At its core, CIQ wants to redefine how customer service is done in this industry,» said Brim Leal, CMO of CIQ. «So many companies say that, but we actually show it in two ways. First, we’re giving Rocky Linux users what they want: simplified, affordable support. We are helping small independent users just as much as we support the big enterprises. We helped create Rocky Linux as an open source and independent operating system, and we’re going to keep it that way. Second, our technicians are Rocky Linux programmers and engineers – it’s what they do every single day. So they can drill-down and enthusiastically address any customer support question our clients might have, because Rocky Linux is their passion too.» 

CIQ: Full Support from Open-Source Enthusiasts 

  • Community: Actively listening and partnering with the Rocky Linux community to provide the tools everyone needs.
  • Enterprise: Creating enterprise-class solutions at scale to empower large industries; solving problems, reducing costs, and saving time.
  • Support: Deep-level assistance from the founders of Rocky Linux software; fostering success with intelligent support.
  • Scale: Multi-cloud, multi-cluster, performance, scalable, flexible, and automation.

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About CIQ

CIQ started with the goal of empowering people and communities based on a single but important principle: individuals matter. We know what it is like to build networks from the ground up – we’re programmers and engineers too. So we understand what is needed to offer intelligent support with enterprise software that empowers individuals to do great things. CIQ has already been favorably reviewed by Forbes, TechRepublic, TechRadar, and ZDNet; while Rocky Linux is fully supported and backed by some of the world’s leading retail and tech titans, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Learn more about CIQ at:

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